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Longmont, CO

Introducing the new House of Little Strays blog!

Happenings in the labORatory...



Introducing the new House of Little Strays blog!

Tori R


This first post may be a bit rough - I have to get my bearings with this format. For anyone interested, you can view previous blog posts from Hammer, Hoe, and Heels  here.

So, just a short post and preview of the current happenings in the labORatory. Eagerly awaiting the arrival of this fine specimen...


It's been a bit since I have had some time do a "Villa R" project and this chunk o'rust is the next up in madcap project rotation. Let's just hope that I don't end up with a fractured femur by the time it's done.

Intrigued to know if it'll be success or sutures? - subscribe and be the first to find out :)