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Longmont, CO

Happenings in the labORatory...



The New Adventures of Northern Colorado! (And how to become a Boulderite)

Tori R

Well, halllewww, there!

For those of you not in the know, and I'll assume it's any of you that I've convinced to read this blog post, House of Little Strays has relocated from the 'burbs of Denver to the fringes of Boulder. We are now only minutes away from views like this:

Sleeping Lion Trail at Button Rock Preserve


The relocation process has been long and lengthy, and we still have 1.5 months to go before we get fully settled into the new digs. The original intent in moving was to reduce the Mr. HOLS commute and downsize now that the last of our five eaglets have left the nest for college skies. So, one of two ain't bad, right?

Turns out, we suck at downsizing. Enter another five bedroom house with even more baths than before, for a total of five. Bonus points: a three car garage that ALLOWS ME TO HAVE MY OWN SHOP SPACE. WOOT, WOOT!

Boulder is hip, happening, eco-friendly, and just plain crunchy (as quoted from the hubster). Dare not you drink corporate coffee, eat gluten, or scorn any furry friend. And above all else, RECYCLE!

Coool, cause that's what House of Little Strays is all about :) So begins the new HOLS blog series - the Boulderite way to remodel a space.

I've already created Pinboards for each of the focus areas of the Villa R digs. It will be my ultimate goal to recycle, upcycle, and re-purpose my way to the newly designed spaces and share my finds, any helpful tips, and a pithy tutorial or two along the way. Hope you will stay tuned!

For now, here are some latest finds and recycled discoveries...

This is the inspiration picture for the remodel of the femme suite bath:

With rotating offspring returning for brief visits, rather than anyone having a dedicated room, I am creating a feminine and a masculine suite. I love the elements in the example photo - the graphic print and high contrast of the wallpaper, the round vanity mirror, and the pop of gold from the sconce light fixtures. I found similar items that I want to incorporate, pictured below:

I loved this sconce at first sight but that price was killin' me. However, a stop at my new favorite consignment boutique scored these Rejuvenation sconces for only $25 each!

What a score - Rejuvenation sconces for $25!

A little buff, shine and new shades and they'll be fabulous! I ordered a sample (just $1!) of the wallpaper to have on hand while looking for the coordinating bath items. It's great to be able to see how the pattern works against actual elements of the room. I'll pull the trigger on ordering the roll(s) once I'm ready to start on the room.

Next post, the homme suite mirror find - also only $25!

Until then, Be Bold. Be Boulder! ;)